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Club Volleyball FAQs

Club Volleyball FAQs

Why play club volleyball?  Club volleyball provides a competitive level of play for girls who are interested in improving their skills and gaining the experience necessary to play in high school and beyond. Athletes participate in practice, conditioning, and tournament play during the club season, allowing them to gain valuable experience that prepares them for the next season of school volleyball.  For high school players, club volleyball offers the best opportunity for exposure to college coaches.

Will the club schedule conflict with my school volleyball schedule?  No, the club season starts in November when the school season ends.  The club season allows athletes the opportunity to continue playing and improving once school volleyball ends. 

How long is the club season?  Our season starts in November and ends in April or early May depending on the team level (local or regional).

Do I have to travel to play club volleyball?  Our 12U teams play in the Houston area only.  At the 13U and 14U levels we offer both local and travel teams.  At the high school level we only have travel teams.

What does it cost to play club volleyball?  Club team fees vary by age and team level.  Please visit our website to view our fee schedule.

Can I participate in club volleyball and school basketball or track?  Yes, at the middle school level, many athletes participate in other school sports. We make an effort to work around the school sports schedules as much as possible.

How do I know what age group I should try out for?  We follow the USAV Age Guidelines which is based on age as of next September (2020).   Please visit our website to see an age guideline chart.

Do I have enough experience to play club volleyball?  We offer developmental programs, local teams, and regional (travel) teams.  Come for a tryout evaluation and our coaches will let you know what program would be the best fit for you.

Why Texas Outlaws Volleyball?  Texas Outlaws Volleyball offers an elite level of training by providing each team with highly skilled coaches, quality programs, excellent equipment, and every opportunity to succeed.